“LOVE LOVE LOVE Pam, (Dr. Kirkwood), Dr. Russell and everyone at their office.

I have been going to Dr. Kirkwood for several years. Those unfamiliar with the importance of regular chiropractic maintenance as part of your overall health and well-being may think what I did 15 years ago (when I was uninformed) that chiropractors just keep you coming back just for $$. Well now I know, that is simply not true. Pam (Dr. Kirkwood), Dr. Russell and their staff educates everyone on the importance of proper maintenance through spinal adjustments and stretching as part of your overall health. After all, everything in your body is connected to your spinal column is it not?

I started going to Dr. Kirkwood because of some serious lower back pain that was waking me up every time I turned over in the night (which was often). Three colleagues in my office were patients of Dr. Kirkwood and raved about the miracles she worked in their formerly twisted and problematic bodies. (Which no other chiropractor could help until Pam they all claim). Because of their convincing and glowing reviews I went and loved her and everyone there ever since.

Pam is the most genuine, friendly, caring person I have ever met. You will just want her to be your best friend. She is extremely thorough and has done such a good job completely eliminating my lower pain that I really had a hard time recalling why it was I initially started going to her. Had to think about it for quite a while. As much as I love Dr. Kirkwood I must rave about Dr. Russell as well. Dr. Russell is a big bear of a man with soft and warm hands (important when they are on your neck!) who gets you in and gets you done in no time. Always a good, thorough and fast adjustment with Dr. Russell. He even gets those stubborn stiff spots leaving you loose and happy.

Lastly, occasionally Pam will bring Kona or Cooper in the office with her. And I always think a doggie office is a happy office.

Dr. Kirkwood has an office in Monterey and Salinas. I would and do highly recommend Dr. Kirkwood to everyone.”

– Chris D.

“I have had persistent shoulder problems for the last 4 months, as a result of over exercising. I tried all the normal remedies, rest, ice, heat, OTC med’s, massage as well as several Chiropractors, all with only temporary relief. The pain limited my activities and became a constant source of frustration, so I decided to do some research and found that there was a special high speed vibration device on the market that broke up adhesions in various area’s of the body, especially in the shoulder area. I contacted the manufacturer and found that Dr. Pamela Kirkwood was using one successfully in her practices in Salinas and Monterey so I scheduled an appointment the following day and on my first visit, she reduced my pain by 80% and increased my range of motion by approximately 70%. I scheduled a second appointment the following week and my symptoms continued to improve. I will continue the treatment until I am back to my per injury level.
Dr. Kirkwood’s office manager is very pleasant and a true professional. As for Dr. Kirkwood, she is very caring person, great listener and a superb Chiropractic Physician. I found out my neighbor, a former Rugby player is being treated by her and he couldn’t be happier. I have already referred my girlfriend to her, and will continue to send others who are suffering with chronic painful conditions. She is the real deal. Thank you Dr. Kirkwood………….. Dr. Teddy S.”

– Teddy S.

“I went to Dr. Kirkwood after I bought a Groupon for a massage and chiropractic exam. I hadn’t had an adjustment in months since I moved away from my last chiropractor and was in some pain from my body always feeling out of whack. Dr. Kirkwood was very thorough in the exam in asking me what all hurt, and she was able to adjust me much better than my last chiropractor. I felt better immediately, but what I was most impressed with was the fact that she was really trying to make sure she got every spot that needed adjusting and kept asking me what else, what else. I really got the feeling that she wanted me to feel better, and wasn’t just looking for a quick buck. Worlds different (and better) than the doctors I’m used to! She has a wonderful manner, made me feel very at ease, and is very knowledgeable. I will be going back as often as I can!”

– L E.

“Dr. Pam has helped our family thru many pain and body issues over the years. We have found her to be very competent and caring. She always takes her time with all of our family and I would not hesitate to recommend her to ANYONE… simply put she works miracles. Thank you Pam……”

– Erie M.

“I have been going to Dr. Russell and Dr. Kirkwood for few months now and they have been very caring and great taking care of my back. The office has a very comfortable atmosphere and they provide a great service. They have a great deals where you can get unlimited visits and I also love being greeted by Dr. Kirkwood’s dog Kona! I would recommend them to anyone.”

– James K.